About us

Mourne Aerospace is a consultancy specialising in fluid dynamics and numerical analysis. These analyses can be carried out using any of or a combination of:

(a) Software such as MATLAB, SciPy or Octave to construct bespoke codes utilising data and equations formed from previous experimental and numerical work.

(b) Full Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) models, using commerical packages like ANSYS CFX or ANSYS Fluent, or open-sourced packages like OpenFOAM.

(c) Bespoke models created within OpenFOAM.

What is?

These are programming languages used by engineers to produce quick, approximate (but often very accurate) solutions to problems.

Computational Fluid Dynamics is the simulation of a flowfield through use of many finite volumes (or in some codes, finite elements) to capture the variation in fluid properties between the boundaries which define the problem. A wind tunnel in a computer, only much cheaper and more flexible, but great care is required in its use to obtain accurate results.